Collaboration just got easier with Boards

We’re excited to introduce Mixpanel Boards, a new collaborative workspace that replaces our existing dashboards. Unlike an inflexible dashboard that only shows product metrics, Boards empowers teams to share complete context, dig into the data, and make better product decisions together. What's included in Boards:

  • Text cards: Add text to share the reasoning behind tracking any metric (with support for rich text formatting!)
  • Media cards: Give more color with a screenshot or feature walkthrough with YouTube, Vimeo, or Loom, or just spice things up with great memes
  • Adjustable card height and width: Insert, drag, and resize cards to make your analyses more organized and readable
  • Viewer transparency: Hover over the top right corner to quickly see who has recently viewed your Board, so you can know your impact

Check out more use cases for collaboration in our blog (opens in a new tab).

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