Compare metrics side-by-side in one table

With Mixpanel’s revamped Tables report, you can compare your key metrics side-by-side to understand how your segments are performing.

Tables are often the best visualization to process a lot of data at once — so, we made sure to include controls that can quickly get you to the most readable layout, fast:

  • Focus on the performance of a specific metric by 1) selecting a metric to sort your segments by, and 2) specifying it as ascending or descending order.
  • Treat each data point as its own row in Ungrouped View, or preserve the hierarchy of your breakdowns in Grouped View.
  • Control how many segments are displayed, so you can focus on the most relevant data.

This unique flexibility of our Tables allow you to spend less time setting up your visualization and get to your takeaway quicker.

Here are a few ways you can leverage our new Tables:

  • As a product manager, you can consider offering localized content that is tailored to the needs of users in specific countries and cities that are not performing well. image

  • As a growth marketer, you can compare how an increase in marketing spend since last month has effected the key metrics across marketing channels. image

  • As a product manager in e-commerce, you can determine what product you no longer want to sell by surfacing which items have the worst performing conversion. image

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