Correlate user actions to key outcomes with Behavioral Breakdowns

Actions speak louder than demographics, especially when it comes to finding what behaviors lead users to key outcomes.

That’s why we built Behavioral Breakdowns — a new way to segment users by what they do, not just who they are. Now, you have the ability to measure the correlation between a user's actions and their level of engagement, monetization, or other essential metrics.

Here are a few examples of how you can leverage Behavioral Breakdowns to inform your approach in getting users to perform a key action:

  • When trying to get users to follow more accounts, you see that users who comment on 5 pieces of content within a week have a higher rate of following others. So, you make the comment button more accessible to decrease the friction it takes to comment.
  • To get more users signed up for your credit card, you target your emails to users that spend, on average, over $100 every time they shop on your eCommerce store because that segment is more likely to apply for a credit card.

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