Find what's impacting conversion with Attribution

Your users will experience a multitude of touchpoints along their journey to a conversion moment like signup or purchase. But, how do you know which touchpoints are valuable - should you invest more budget in certain ads, or, are there certain banners on your website that get lots of clicks? With our long awaited Attribution feature, you can answer the million dollar question to make these critical decisions — which touchpoints contributed the most to conversion?

Our multi-touch attribution models allow you to to assign fractional credit to each touchpoint in a user journey and find the highest performers. It’s also possible to compare how these models affect your conversion moment in one table.

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You can also adjust the Lookback Window of your Attribution calculation to take into account a shorter or longer period for users to reach a touchpoint. This can be useful when analyzing your marketing campaigns that have a longer lasting impact on customer decision making.

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We hope you enjoy Attribution, and stay tuned — we’ll soon be bringing this feature to both the Funnels and Retention reports.

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