Workflow Improvements in Insights Report

Recently, we worked on improving upon some of the core workflows you could do in our Insights report. Some of these changes added metric building functionality that open up new analysis possibilities, and some of these changes refreshed existing workflows to help Mixpanel become simpler to use - all in all, we’ve working hard to polish our existing workflows and setup Mixpanel’s design for long term success.

Improvements to the measurement menu

  • The default measurement has changed from Total Events to Unique Users
  • Total Per User has been updated to Frequency Per User changelog Image
  • DAU/WAU/MAU has moved under Unique Users (click on the “>” button) changelog Image

Individual metrics can now be measured as Rolling or Cumulative

  • Metrics can be measure to Rolling or Cumulative in the “Advanced” menu, which means it’s now possible to compare a rolling/cumulative metric with metrics using a different count
  • You can also set a Formula to be Rolling or Cumulative
  • This allows for comparisons that aren’t bottle necked by needing all metrics to be Rolling or Cumulative, for example, you can set a “target metric” in the same analysis as multiple cumulative metrics to visualize how long it will take for a trend to reach a goal. changelog Image

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