Iterate on existing reports faster than ever with a new workflow

Our new report iteration workflow makes it easier to explore existing reports and save new iterations, through simplified duplication, clearer permissions, and better auto-naming. It’s now faster to build on existing work or go down exploratory deep-dives without losing your flow.

An example streamlined workflow:

  • On an existing Board, you see a purchase conversion funnel filtered for United States in the last 60 days, and broken down by age group.
  • You want to examine what the funnel looks like when broken down by city instead of age group.
  • After changing the breakdown, the results look significant to track, so in 1 click you can save this iteration as a new saved report.
  • On the original Board, the new report iteration is automatically added to the bottom of the Board.

This report iteration workflow is available for all customers. If you still wish to duplicate Boards as in the previously supported workflow, you can access the Duplicate button in the 3 dot menu in the top right.

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