Easier to use Event & Property Menus

The Events Menu and Properties Menu is where you find the events and properties needed to craft your metrics, charts, or graphs. Mixpanel users spend a lot of time searching within these menus to find the right building blocks, so, we’ve made some adjustments to make the experience simpler and get you to value faster.

Event Menu

An important feature we have available to organize your events is Tagging. In our old experience, it wasn’t clear as to where to find Tagged events. Now, Tags are easily discoverable on the left side of the menu. You can leverage Tagging to hone in on a set of behaviors you’re interested in analyzing (setup, mobile, payment, etc) and quickly find the events related to those behaviors.

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Property Menu

Similar to tagging, we’ve categorized all of your properties on the left side of the Properties menu based on what they’re related to. For example, if you want to filter your metric by a property that’s on a user, you can simply click the User category and find all the related properties. A category you might not be familiar with is Computed - these will create a calculation of any property to frame your analysis in a unique way. The Computed Properties we have available today are:

  • Frequency per User: understand how often users did an action and correlate it to another action
  • Aggregate Property per User: understand the value of an action and correlating it to another action
  • Attributed by: understand which touchpoints in a user journey impacted conversion
  • Duration: find the time spent between two continuous events, like Page View

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