Track your ad performance metrics in less than 10 minutes

Note: this is our latest offering for Mixpanel Marketing Analytics (opens in a new tab)

Ad-performance metrics are key to help marketers adjust their marketing spend and create the most return on investment. On a daily basis, it’s important to measure ROAS, CPC, CPM and ad-spend — and now, Mixpanel has made it quick and easy to bring this data into Mixpanel. changelog Image

Our solution was built based on two key market trends:

  1. The number of Ad platforms has grown, and marketers want to leverage these channels. Rarely do you advertise only on 2 platforms: Google and Meta.
  2. Warehouses have fast become the central location of housing all a company’s data. Considering this, ad-networks are making it easier to export ad performance data (spend, clicks, impressions) to the warehouse.

In line with these trends, we’re launching the new Ad-Spend Warehouse Connector, which makes it easy to bring ad data from the warehouse and into Mixpanel. Our solution provides a simple setup experience to send data from all of your ad networks into Mixpanel, and it only takes a few minutes to do so.

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