Faster Workflows for Speedy Report Building

Undo mistakes, shift query blocks and switch reports with lightning speed. Now, Mixpanel workflows are even faster with tools to quickly build, rebuild, and explore your reports.

Undo / Redo We’ve added shortcuts to make iterating between changes in your analysis blazingly fast. Cmd + Z to undo; Cmd + Shift + Z to redo. Change filters, date ranges, line vs bar chart, and go back in one second to compare before and after, or fix the view. Speed is the only constant.

Drag & Drop Query Blocks

Save valuable time by dragging and dropping an existing query block into a different section. Want to change your breakdown by cities into a filter by those same cities? Click and drag your query block from the breakdown section, place it into the filter section, and voila - no need to recreate your queries, simply drag and drop existing ones.

Fluid Report Transitions

Realized you can find the answer to your question in a different report? No worries - Fluid Report Transitions preserves the parameters of your original question for quick, stress-free report switching. Start in Insights and switch into Funnels, then into Flows, and back to Insights all while keeping the events, filters, breakdowns and date ranges you set originally - zero rebuilding required.

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