Uncover user insights with View Users

Making sense of your data just got a whole lot easier. In just two clicks, you can now View Users contributing to any event, at any point in time, across Insights, Funnels, and Retention reports. Save this list as a cohort. Export it as a CSV. And just like that, you have the data to find groups of users experiencing friction or dig deeper into what specific users are driving feature adoption. You can expect View Users to help:

Learn what type of users are driving growth or stagnation: Each user’s properties and recent activities are readily accessible in View Users. This makes uncovering user themes fast - plus, you don’t have to leave the context of your Mixpanel report for this deep level of exploration.

Take action on a group of users: View Users also helps with turning discoveries into actionable next steps. For example, you can leverage the Export to CSV button to grab the emails of a specific user group and plug them into an email campaign. Then, save that same group as a cohort in order to track their product usage after you send an email.

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