Sessions improvements and new functionality

We’ve added two updates to session tracking in Mixpanel for more flexibility when defining your sessions and a simpler process to slice and dice this data. With Property Based Sessions and Sessions Properties, you can take advantage of a whole new way to analyze how users engage with your product:

  • Property-Based Sessions: have your own parameters that define a session? No worries - simply attach a Session ID property to your events, and Mixpanel will register all instances when a session starts and ends. Even if your sessions are complex — start from multiple events, have a max duration of 6 hours, and end after 30 minutes of inactivity — Property-Based Sessions can manage these parameters.

  • Session Properties: borrow any property from the events that define a Session Start or Session End to break down your user engagement data like never before.

For example, you can now set the property “City” to your session events to compare how users across different cities start and end sessions as well as the duration of these sessions.

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