Accurate Event Ordering with Millisecond Precision

Say hello to accurate event ordering with Millisecond Precision. Now, even if you have multiple events happening within the same second, Mixpanel has the power to decipher the exact sequence in which those events occurred.

Check out any Flows report to view millisecond level of precision firsthand!

Before you can view events at Millisecond Precision, please make a note of two key points:

  1. You need to update your SDK to ingest events with millisecond timestamps. All previous versions only track at second precision. The minimum versions that support ms time stamps are as follows:
  • Swift - 3.3.0
  • Obj-C - 4.2.0
  • Android - 6.3.0
  • Flutter - 1.6.0
  • React Native - 1.5.0
  • Unity - 3.3.0
  • Javascript - historical versions have already been tracking ms timestamp. No action is to be taken if using this SDK.

Note: If you are sending data into Mixpanel via a CDP or the DWH, no change is required at your end if you’re already tracking data at ms precision.

  1. Only forward-looking data will be tracked at ms precision. This means that once you update your SDK, it will take some time to accumulate data with ms precision before you can see it reflected in your analysis.

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