Calculate retention based on a calendar interval

Our new Calendar Retention setting allows our users to define retention on their own terms - now, you can switch your retention calculations from a rolling time window to calendar interval in just one click. Whether you want to align your retention data to internal records or other analysis tools, you can now create a reliable retention analysis that you and your team can trust to be accurate with your business’s needs.

You might enjoy Calendar Retention if:

  • Your app or service has one engagement a day, so you want to capture the daily sessions that fall outside of the 24-hour window but occur on the next calendar day.
  • There’s a marketing campaign running week-to-week, so you can scale weekly marketing spend based on calendar week retention increasing or decreasing.
  • You need to align your retention metric to a monthly or quarterly calendar interval when sharing out retention performance to investors.

Please checkout our help document if you would like to learn more on how to use Calendar Retention.

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