Troubleshoot better with a new design for Boards without data

We’re excited to announce that we have released a new design for Boards without data. Now when a report can’t populate, it will display one of two states: a faded out sample report or a “no data” status.

changelog Image

  • Charts that show "no data" occur when an event has been tracked in the last 30 days, but a selected filter or date range result in no data for the report.
  • If the report is configured with an event that hasn't been tracked in past 30 days or has never existed, the faded sample report will appear.

For example: you are an ecommerce company with a new Start Subscription event and you'd like to make a report to track subscriptions over time.

  • If you set up a report before this event starts being tracked, the report you create will show a faded out sample report like above.
  • As data starts flowing, the report will populate as expected.
  • If you set the date range on the report to a day where no one signed up for a subscription, the report will show “no data” because there were no subscription events tracked that day.

This change is designed to make the experiences of creating a new Board and moving a Board to a new project easier to navigate and understand. Nothing needs to be done to experience this new state - it is live for all users on all plans.

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