Fluid, flexible organization with Boards on Boards

You can now nest Boards within other Boards for more flexible, contextual organization of your analyses.

Boards on Boards allows you to customize your workspace in whatever way that best suits how your company works. Rigid folders or spaces don’t account for the fact that people at modern organizations collaborate across teams, projects, or topics. Spend less time figuring out organizational hierarchy, and more time sharing ideas.

Some ideas for how you can nest Boards:

  • Product Focus Area Boards on General Product Team Board
  • Feature Launch Boards on Enterprise Team Board
  • Landing Page Deep-dive Board on Growth Team Board, on Company Board

The beauty of Boards on Boards is that you get the organizational benefit of folders with the rich functionality of Boards, such as contextual text or media cards.

This setting available for all organizations on an enterprise plan. For more information, check out our docs (opens in a new tab).

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