Formulas now behave as metrics

Formulas have forever been an integral part of Mixpanel to create new metrics (Bounce Rate, Conversion) from existing data — and now, we’ve improved the usability of Formulas to help you encounter less roadblocks and speed up your analysis workflow.

In the past, Formulas behaved as their own entity in the query builder, and you had to create separate Formulas (A = Product Added, B = Purchase Completed) to resurface the original events in the visualization. changelog Image

Now, Formulas are added through the Metric button, and they behave like a metric. This means that the original events aren’t removed from the visualization when you add a Formula (note: you can hide the original metrics to focus on just the Formula). changelog Image

Since Formulas behave like a Metric, you can also reorder them without any adjustments and setup your ideal visualization. changelog Image

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