Measure how long users view webpages

Tracking the number of views your website pages get is a useful way to learn if users have landed on your page. But, it doesn’t tell the complete story of whether these users got value from their visit:

  • Your blog might have 100s of views, but how do you know if users are actually reading all the content?
  • Users are reaching your signup page, but are they moving through that experience quickly or getting stuck?
  • Two different pages are getting similar views, but one is converting more sales than the other - are users finding content more engaging on that page?

The missing piece of the puzzle is understanding how long users visit your page, and to access this data we’ve added a Duration property on your Page View event that tracks your users’ “time spent on a page”.

It takes no additional setup — Duration is auto-computed by calculating the time between Page View events.

Checkout the video above to learn how you can answer questions like:

  • What blog content are our users finding the most engaging? (find the average time spent on blog pages)
  • Which pages are users not finding any value from? (find the pages that have an average visit time of less than 10 seconds)

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