Track your Web Analytics on one Board

Our new Web Analytics Template gets you up and running with all your core website performance metrics in just a few seconds. You’ll be able to make informed decisions about what to highlight, improve, or remove from your site to build a more engaging & relevant user experience.

Simply select your Page View event and Page Title property (note: these are automatically tracked if you implemented Mixpanel with the Javascript SDK) and you’ll get everything you need:

  • User Metrics: understand more about the users that visit your website (how many new users, how many returning users, where are they from, and more)
  • Session Metrics: track all the key session metrics (session start/end, bounce rate, average session duration, what source did they come from, and more)
  • Page Metrics: find which pages provide the most valuable and engaging content to users (page exits, average page views per user, and more)

Checkout the Web Analytics Template for yourself on one of our demo datasets: (opens in a new tab)

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