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API Rate Limits

Rate Limits

Ingestion Endpoints

See our developer docs (opens in a new tab) for ingestion rate limits.

Export & Query API Rate Limits

The Export & Query API endpoint rate limit rules per project are as follows:

Raw Export API (opens in a new tab): A maximum of 100 concurrent queries, 60 queries per hour, and 3 queries per second.

Query API (opens in a new tab): A maximum of 5 concurrent queries and 60 queries per hour.

JQL API (opens in a new tab): Queries to the JQL endpoint contribute to Query API rate limit and have their own individual limit as well. There is a maximum of 5 concurrent queries and of 60 queries per hour. There is also a 5 GB limit on data that can be processed in a single query, and a 2 GB limit on the resulting output data.

Compliance Retrieval API: We currently have a rate-limit of 1 request per second for GDPR APIs. We also limit maximum number of outstanding scans for a single project to be approximately 5 years.

If you exceed the rate limit, a 429 error will be returned.

You can reduce rate limiting errors using one of the two approaches:

  • Spread your queries out over a longer period of time.
  • Consolidate multiple queries into a single query (for example, multiple queries filtering on a single property may be combined into a single segmentation query).