Define Cohorts

Define User Cohorts

Cohorts are groups of users defined by a chosen set of criteria, like a shared property or sequence of events. When you define a cohort, you can use it to group and filter data in the Analysis reports. You can also use cohorts to target groups of users via messaging integrations.

Recommended Boards

Create a copy of this board (opens in a new tab) from our demo project into the affected project. As you open the linked board, you will see instructions to click on "Use this board" to transfer it over to your project and to edit the default date range. Screenshot use this board

Reading a user profile

User Profiles allow you to see the events feed and all user properties for a specific user. Use the Activity Feed to view the most recent value of a user property and go through a user's event history in order.

Creating a Cohort

You can create cohorts via any of our report visualizations or explicitly using the cohort builder. Click any bar or point in an Insights, Funnels, or Retention report and select "View Users". You can save that group of users as a cohort or use the Cohort Builder to define cohorts based on a precise set of conditions.

Managing your cohorts and setting up syncs

Cohorts that you create are, by default, only visible to you. You can optionally share cohorts with specific other people or with your organization. You can download the list of users in any Cohort as a CSV via the Cohort Builder. You can also push cohorts and create regular syncs to 3rd-party destinations like Segment, Braze, or a Custom Webhook.

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