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If you've gone through our tutorials on how to send production data into Mixpanel and have done so, you can start to create your first Mixpanel boards and reports.

Boards Overview

We've created a demo board (opens in a new tab) you can copy into your own project to follow along the tutorials in this section. As you open the linked board, you will see instructions to click on "Use this board" to transfer it over to your project and to edit the default date range.

Screenshot use this board

Think of Boards as your homepage for keeping track of your most important metrics, or a collection of reports that you can share with your coworkers to highlight key trends or stories. You can add text, images and videos to these boards to help add color to the intepretations as well.

Discovering Useful Boards

If you're new to your company or product analytics in general, one of the best ways to get started is to:

  1. See what metrics your teammates are measuring via the Discover feature, to search by your teammate or object type (Board, Insights, Flows, etc.) and explore what the top creators in your organization are measuring.
  2. Leverage our official Mixpanel templates, which are out-of-the-box and fully customizable boards designed to help you better understand your user base and monitor metrics like adoption, retention, virality, and product impact.
  3. Our Mixpanel Customer Success Team have also created boards in our demo projects that you can copy into your own projects. These include boards to help with monitoring the quality of the data (opens in a new tab) you bring into Mixpanel, and boards for troubleshooting your data (opens in a new tab).

Creating and Sharing Your Board

Once you've created your own board, you can share it with your coworkers within your organisation for them to view or add creators to it and start collaborating. They need to have a Mixpanel login to access these boards.

If you want to share the board outside of your organization (anyone without a Mixpanel login to your project), you can do so via public boards. Note that your Project Owner has to first enable the feature in your Project Settings (opens in a new tab), but once done, all project users except those with the role "Consumers" will be able to create public board links.

In certain instances, e.g. communication with your executives, you might want to send an email of the top metrics instead of links to the live board itself. You can do that via Board Subscriptions. These emails, which can also be sent as Slack messages, allow you to schedule and share the most recent metrics with both project members and external audiences.

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