Analyze Conversions

Analyze Conversions

Use our funnels report to analyze where your users convert, how long they take to do so, and what drives conversions.

To follow along the tutorials in this section, we've created this board (opens in a new tab) in our demo project that you can copy into your own project. As you open the linked board, you will see instructions to click on "Use this board" to transfer it over to your project and to edit the default date range.

Screenshot use this board

Configuring Conversion Criteria

To utilize funnels correctly, it's important to understand how the conversion criteria works and how it impacts the conversion rate depending on whether you use "unique" or "total" conversions. We have a couple of examples in this board (opens in a new tab) to help explain and test your understanding of how the conversion criteria works.

Advanced Funnel Features

Go beyond looking at overall conversion, view conversion trend over time, distribution of the time it takes users to convert through the funnel or the number of times users complete any step before converting or dropping off. Add more specificity to your conversion criteria by holding a property constant over steps or exlcude users who did a particular step.

Viewing as a Flow

Oftentimes, knowing what the conversion is or how it has changed over time is not actionable in of itself. Beyond creating cohorts on users who have dropped off to send them downstream to CRM tools for re-engagement, what marketers and product managers typically want to know is, where precisely did people drop off? What are the typical user flows or behaviour that causes users to drop off? Learn more about it here.

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