Track User Retention

Track User Retention

Our Retention report in Mixpanel is designed to help you assess user engagement over a specified period of time. Have you achieved product market fit? Are your users returning over time or churning? Which cohort of users come back and what drives them to?

To follow along the tutorials here, create a copy of this board (opens in a new tab) from our demo project and copy into your own project. As you open the linked board, you will see instructions to click on "Use this board" to transfer it over to your project and to edit the default date range.

Screenshot use this board

Understanding Retention Criteria

Define retention analysis to calculate users who come back on a specific time unit (e.g. day, week, month) or any time unit afterwards. You can also switch the retention mode between the default rolling time window and calendar defined time window.

Understanding Frequency Criteria

Define retention analysis to calcuate users who did the event in at least X unique intervals or in exactly X unique intervals.

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