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Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

The GCS schema pipeline exports transformed data to a GCS bucket. This can be useful in case you want to export Mixpanel data into your own BigQuery instance.

To set up a schematized export pipeline to Google Cloud Storage (GCS) from Mixpanel, you must configure GCS to receive the exported data, then create a pipeline (opens in a new tab) to export the data.

The following document summarizes the steps to edit GCS permissions so that it accepts the Mixpanel export, and provides an example request to create the pipeline.

Configure GCS to Accept Mixpanel Data

Create a destination bucket, or use an existing one. needs to be given a "Storage Object Admin" role on the bucket you are creating or intending to reuse for this purpose.

Use the Data Pipelines API

After permissions have been granted, use the Data Pipelines API (opens in a new tab) to create the pipeline. Here is an example request:

curl \
-d type="gcs-schema" \
-d from_date="2019-08-10" \
-d gcs_bucket="example-gcs-export" \
-d gcs_prefix="dwe" \
-d schema_type="multischema" \
-d gcs_region="us-east-2"

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