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Build an Integration

Build An Integration

Building an integration with Mixpanel is a powerful way to provide value to your customers that also use Mixpanel. If your company is interested in becoming a Certified Technology Partner, building an integration is also the first step.

Setting up a Sandbox

Sign up for a free Mixpanel account (opens in a new tab), which you can use as a sandbox when building and testing your integration.

Create an Integration ID

In order to properly understand API usage and provide you with resources as part of our Technology Partner Program, you must first define your Integration ID and pass it along when sending event data or calling Mixpanel’s APIs.

Your Integration ID should be a string representing your company’s or solution’s name. If Mixpanel were a developer, our Integration ID would be “mixpanel”.

Note: Always include your integration ID -- this will help customers better understand the source of their event data in Mixpanel.

Event Tracking

For event data, you will include your Integration ID as the $source property value.

This can be added to the Event Object when using the Ingestion API (opens in a new tab):

    “event”: “Sign up”,
    “properties”: {
        “time”: 1321499371,
        “$source”: “your_integration_id”,
        “token”: “<YOUR_PROJECT_TOKEN>”

API Usage

If you choose to leverage our APIs for your integration, you must pass along your Integration ID with every API as the X-Mixpanel-Integration-ID header value.

curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header ‘accept: application/json’ \
  --header ‘X-Mixpanel-Integration-ID: your_integration_id’

Integration Opportunities

Connect to Mixpanel's EU Servers

Give your customers the option to send data to our EU servers (opens in a new tab) when they activate your Mixpanel integration.

Receive Cohort Syncs from Mixpanel

Use this webhook spec to process inbound cohorts Mixpanel syncs to your product, allowing your customers to engage more effectively with the right users at the right time. Note: This spec is intended for partner SaaS companies looking to build integrations with Mixpanel. If you are yourself a Mixpanel customer looking to query on Cohorts, refer to the cohorts query API (opens in a new tab).

Auto-populate Experiments

If you are offering experiments or A/B tests to your customers, add support for auto-populating our Experiments report to your integration in order to reduce time-to-value for our mutual customers.

Sync your Schemas

Sync your internal data dictionary or tracking plan with Mixpanel using the Lexicon Schemas API (opens in a new tab). Schemas that you upload will be used to populate Lexicon and provide additional context for your data across the query UI.

Make your Integration Successful

QA your Code

For integrations sending events to Mixpanel, our Events page (opens in a new tab) can be a great way to test if everything is working as expected.

Document Your Integration

Customer-facing documentation that explains, which use cases your integration helps to solve and how to set it up, will increase the utilization of your integration.

Get Listed on

Finally, submit your integration to create a listing (opens in a new tab) on our Integrations Directory and to let our customers discover your solution and the integration.

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