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General guidelines

Mixpanel, Inc. (“Mixpanel”) provides the Mixpanel Community (“the Community”) to you as a place to share new product ideas, ask questions, plan your analytics strategy, find technical solutions, and learn how to use Mixpanel. While we want this to be a transparent community with free-flowing discussion, we do have some guidelines.

  1. ID yourself. When creating an account, please edit your profile to include your company, title, and a photo (if you can). Try to use your Mixpanel @business address so the Community can better identify you.

  2. Become a power user. Have the answer to someone’s question? Jump in and share your knowledge. There is no stigma in being a “know-it-all” here. In fact, we encourage it!

  3. One you, one account. Please create only one account per person. Don’t misrepresent yourself (e.g., lie about your identity, affiliations, or age). Don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not, or intentionally give misleading or false information.

  4. Keep it clean. Cursing, harassment, threatening language, violent content, nudity, and sexually explicit obscene material or the like are not permitted in the Community.

  5. No spam. We have zero tolerance for it. Posted content should be related to sharing knowledge about Mixpanel. Don’t post irrelevant content.

  6. No selling. If it is relevant to the conversation, you are free to share information about products and services that you love. However, do not use the Community to prospect or link out to your website for commercial or promotional purposes or for political campaigning.

  7. Ownership/Confidentiality. Do not post content that you do not have the right to publish. Additionally, do not post information that is confidential or that may be considered “Customer Content” under Mixpanel’s Terms of Use or separate Master Services Agreement.

  8. Privacy. Do not post other people's personal information, such as phone numbers, private email addresses, physical addresses, credit card numbers, Social Security/National Identity numbers, or passwords. Your use of the Community is subject to Mixpanel’s Privacy Statement.

  9. No bullying, harassment, or trolling. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or trolling. This means any habitual badgering, or intimidation targeted at a specific person or group of people or trying to get a rise out of someone for the sake of it.

  10. No hate speech. Don’t post any content that demeans, defames, or promotes discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual identity or orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or veteran status.

What happens if someone breaks the rules?

While Mixpanel does not regularly review posted content, if you violate these guidelines, Mixpanel may take whatever action Mixpanel determines, in its sole discretion, is appropriate in response, including, but not limited to: removing the offending content, suspending your account, terminating your account, or even notifying law enforcement. If your account is terminated for violating these Community Terms of Use, you may not use the Community again. Please take these guidelines seriously and honor them in the spirit in which they are intended. We’ll do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and ultimately we’ll try to do what we think is best in each situation. To report inappropriate behavior or content, please write to

Copyright Infringement

If you believe that work belonging to you has been copied onto the Community without your permission, please review Mixpanel’s DMCA Copyright Policy and notify us at

Legal Notices

By posting content to the Community, you grant Mixpanel any license necessary, including any sublicense rights, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such content in connection with the Community or Mixpanel’s legitimate business purposes.

The majority of the content in the Community is user-generated. Such third-party content is the sole responsibility of the person originating the content. The Community does not control and is not responsible for this third-party material. Mixpanel and its suppliers will not be liable or responsible in any way for any content on the Community, including, but not limited to, any accuracy, reliability, usefulness, or errors or omissions in any content, nor will they be liable for any losses or damages of any kind, including indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages.

For the avoidance of doubt, use and provisioning of Mixpanel’s services are subject to separate terms, such as Mixpanel’s Terms of Use. In case of a discrepancy between these Community Terms of Use and those separate terms, the separate terms will prevail, provided, for clarity, that content posted to the Community does not constitute generally available documentation provided by Mixpanel.

As of Sept 12th, 2023, Mixpanel is piloting the use of a chatbot powered by (opens in a new tab) in the Mixpanel Slack Community. (opens in a new tab)'s chatbot generates responses to your questions automatically by leveraging OpenAI LLC's (opens in a new tab) generative AI model, trained using Mixpanel's Docs. Your questions and answers to the will be processed by (opens in a new tab) and (opens in a new tab).

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