EU Residency

EU Residency


Mixpanel believes in respecting and protecting people’s fundamental online privacy and data rights. Which is why we've built Mixpanel's analysis tools in compliance with industry best-practices and global data regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA.

Visit our Privacy Hub (opens in a new tab) to see how we comply with various privacy guidelines.

Storing Your Data in the European Union

By default Mixpanel stores user data on it's US Servers via the Google Cloud Platform. However, Mixpanel also provides you with the option to process and store your customers' personal data in Europe via our EU Data Residency Program (opens in a new tab). You can enable this by selecting the "EU Data Residency" option when creating a new project, and using our EU subdomain during all API calls.

APIStandard ServerEU Residency Server
Ingestion API (opens in a new tab)
Query API (opens in a new tab)
Raw Data Export API (opens in a new tab)
Data Pipelines API (opens in a new tab)
Lexicon Schemas API (opens in a new tab)
Connectors API (opens in a new tab)

For existing projects, you can find where your data is currently stored under Project Settings > Data Residency. Additionally, projects stored in the EU will have a url that starts with whereas projects stored in the US will have a url. If the wrong Data Residency location was chosen prior to implementation, you will need to create a new project with the applicable data storage option and migrate all your existing data. Mixpanel cannot assist with the migration of an existing project with the wrong residency location. You can find out more about creating a new project here.

Using Our SDKs

Next you'll need to set the server location to EU when initializing the Mixpanel library. You can find instructions for the required config settings for each SDK below:

Log in via SSO

If you want the IdP initiated flow to direct to (opens in a new tab), prepend "eu." to your postback URL. For example, (opens in a new tab) would need to be changed to (opens in a new tab).

EU Residency and CDPs

If you are coming to use Mixpanel from a Customer Data Platform (CDP), we cannot guarantee that data ingestion, processing and storage will always stay within the EU region. Please work with your CDP to make sure they are sending your data to the EU endpoint.

The following diagram shows how Mixpanel's Data Residency works:


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