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Tracking via Proxy

Tracking Via Proxy

This guide demonstrates how to route events from Mixpanel's SDKs via a proxy in your own domain. This is useful when tracking from the web, to reduce the likelihood of ad-blockers impacting your tracking.


There are two steps: setting up a proxy server and pointing our JavaScript SDK at your server.

Step 1: Set up a proxy server

The simplest way is to use our sample nginx config (opens in a new tab). This config redirects any calls made to your proxy server to Mixpanel.

Step 2: Point our JavaScript SDK at your server

Add the following line before the Mixpanel JS snippet, replacing YOUR_PROXY_DOMAIN with your proxy server's domain. This is not required if you use npm or yarn instead of the snippet:

const MIXPANEL_CUSTOM_LIB_URL = "https://<YOUR_PROXY_DOMAIN>/lib.min.js";

Add your proxy server to the mixpanel.init call:

mixpanel.init("<YOUR_PROJECT_TOKEN>", {api_host: "https://<YOUR_PROXY_DOMAIN>"})

🎉 Congratulations, you've set up tracking through a proxy server! Here's a full code sample (opens in a new tab).