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Mixpanel Tutorials

We've collated here educational resources to guide you through best practices on what and how to implement on Mixpanel, and how to leverage Mixpanel to answer your analytics questions.

  • Setting Up Mixpanel: Best practice recommendations on how to set up and organise your Mixpanel organisation and projects.

  • Analytics Strategy: Learn how to set and measure product metrics, to gain a deeper understanding of your users to better convert, engage and retain them.

  • Creating a Tracking Plan: Best practices on how to create tracking plans, including templates for specific verticals.

  • How to Use Mixpanel: Enable yourself with fundamental knowledge of Mixpanel. Do you know why your users drop off? What do they do instead? What are the different behaviours or attributes that drive your customers to retain? Get answers to these questions here.

  • Mixpanel for Developers: Implement Mixpanel confidently and with proper identity management. Understand events and properties on Mixpanel, and the data types we support.

  • Migration Guides

  • Adoption Best Practices

  • Recommended Boards: Get inspiration from templates built out in our demo data sets to highlight examples of how our most successful and data-mature customers monitor their implementation and drive adoption of Mixpanel across their organizations.

  • How to Clean Your Data