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Mixpanel for Developers

Implement via the Mixpanel SDK

In this section, we will be going through an example of an event in your Tracking Plan to show how a developer can implement that event using Mixpanel’s Javascript SDK. We’ll also look at how you can update your user profiles.

Initialise Mixpanel's SDK

Initializing Super Properties and Tracking an Event

Setting User Profile Properties

Other Ingestion methods

Apart from Mixpanel SDKs, there are also other ways (opens in a new tab) to send data into Mixpanel.


What are the different SDKs available by Mixpanel?

Browser Cookies are unreliable, is there another way?

You can switch from cookie to local storage. You can read more about it our article (opens in a new tab).

What’s the difference between time, $mp_api_timestamp_ms, and mp_processing_time_ms?

  • time or $time - actual time of the event (which could be from days in the past), typically set when mixpanel.track() is called in the SDKs or filled in directly as part of a API payload.
  • $mp_api_timestamp_ms - the timestamp when the data is received by our ingestion api.
  • mp_processing_time_ms - the timestamp when the data is processed and ready for queries.

How to handle Date of Birth before 1/1/1970?

While the timestamp values are recommended to send in the ISO format, for dates before 1st January 1970, you can send the value like “YYYY-MM-DD”.