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How to use Mixpanel


Cohorts are groups of users defined by a chosen set of criteria, like a shared property or sequence of events. When you define a cohort, you can use it to group and filter data in the Analysis reports. You can also use cohorts to target groups of users via messaging integrations.

Note on cohorts whose filters contain user properties

Because user profile properties only store the most recent value, cohorts involving user profile properties will use the current value for those properties (even if the value changed over time).

For example, suppose the cohort’s filter criteria is: users where user[“City”] == “SF” and “Did Event: Order Ride 3 times in Last 7 days”.

Mixpanel computes the above over the last 30 days and then groups the set of users who have property user[“City”] == “SF” as of right now and intersect that with the daily cohort of users who did Order Ride 3 times in the last 7 days.