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Recommended Boards

Recommended Boards

Use Boards as Centers of Excellence in Mixpanel

In this section, you’ll find templates built out in our demo data sets to highlight examples of how our most successful and data-mature customers monitor their implementation and drive adoption of Mixpanel across their organizations. Note Mixpanel does have several built-in Board Templates that you can generate based on a few simple inputs (e.g. value moment event or sign-up event). The templates in this section are meant to be used as inspiration for additional Boards you can create to make sure your team is effectively monitoring your implementation as well as enabling end users to feel confident implementing and using Mixpanel

Implementation Monitoring & Data Governance

This template is meant to be used largely by teams that implemented Mixpanel instrumentation and will be monitoring the data governance of the implementation on an on going basis. The two sections in the Board cover best practices for:

  • Monitoring the health of your implementation and nuances to look out for that could be a sign of poor implementation health.
  • Driving consistency in naming convention best practices and a better general understanding of how to manage data governance of your Mixpanel implementation

Implementation Monitoring & Data Governance Example Board Here (opens in a new tab)

Training Board for Champions to use to Educate Users

This template is meant to be used by Mixpanel Champions looking to train their team on what metrics they can report on out of Mixpanel. The three main sections of the board are:

  • An overview of the Mixpanel Data Model and tips for how to familiarize yourself with your Mixpanel project
  • Summaries of each core Mixpanel report (Insights, Funnels, Flows, & Retention) and clear examples articulating which Mixpanel reports/features users can leverage given the type of metric on which they’re wanting to report.
  • Links to support articles so users can self-serve education on nuances of Mixpanel’s functionality

Training Board for Champions Example Here (opens in a new tab)

Data Troubleshooting Guide for End Users

This template is meant to be used as a guideline for us to follow if we discover anything unusual about the data. The goal is that end users in Mixpanel are able to correctly identify whether there is an issue with the data or a misunderstanding in Mixpanel functionality, and if there is an issue, notify the appropriate team and individual.

When we find something strange about the data, we can classify it as a Mixpanel functionality question or an implementation issue.

Below are various examples of some common questions or issues that Mixpanel end users face - especially when they weren’t involved in the initial data design & implementation - and what can users do to troubleshoot

  • Is the property typecast to the wrong data type?
  • What does it mean that the property value is (not set)?
  • What are the properties available in each event?
  • Who should I talk to about reporting questions and Mixpanel UI misunderstandings?
  • Who should I report a data issue or bug to?

Data Troubleshooting Guide Example Here (opens in a new tab)